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Concepts & GS IV PYQs

Concepts & GS IV PYQs

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Seva: The Ethical Core of Civil Services

In the heart of Indian philosophy lies "Seva," a concept that embodies the essence of selfless service, a principle deeply resonant with the values expected in civil services. The term 'Seva' transcends mere assistance; it encapsulates an attitude of selflessness and a commitment to serving without expectation of reward or recognition.

Seva: More Than Just Service

Defined as selfless service, Seva is recognised as a foundational human value, advocating for love, compassion, and sacrifice translated into action. 

The Elements of Seva

  1. Impersonal: Seva is delivered without discrimination, embodying the spirit of "Oneness", as Gandhi and poet Kabir emphasised.

  2. Selfless: It is performed without expectations, reflecting a pure dedication to the welfare of others.

This value transcends personal realms, inspiring nations to extend humanitarian aid during global crises, such as the assistance provided to Turkey after the earthquake.

Seva in Public Service

Policing mottos across India encapsulate Seva, urging officers to serve citizens selflessly and impartially, dedicated to duty for its own sake. This value orientation is the hallmark of public service, driving civil servants to exhibit unwavering dedication to their roles.

Join us at Ethics 101 as we delve into how practising Seva shapes the ethical foundation of public service, moulding aspirants into civil servants who serve beyond the self. It's not just about clearing the UPSC exam; it's about becoming a person of value who upholds the true spirit of service in every action.

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